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Do more – while doing less. 

Our innovative platform provides you with your very own marketing machine! Use this tool to gain trackable leads so you can monitor website visits – and then target select leads with automated drip email marketing campaigns that address individuals’ specific needs.

Here’s how it works:Courtland College Marketing Automation

  • What We Do: We create direct mail pieces, social media graphics and emails that contain general URLs (GURLs), which lead to online landing pages.
  • What Audiences Do: Audience members click a link in an email or complete a form on your landing page to become trackable leads. Next, targeted drip email campaigns automatically trigger and start to run behind the scenes.
  • What You Do: Watch trackable leads increase over time, and gain campaign insights through our reporting capabilities.

Marketing Automation is great for connecting with: 

  • Prospective Students: Your recruitment efforts can benefit greatly from Marketing Automation – helping you gauge the academic and extracurricular interests of prospective students so you can provide them with relevant information to maintain their engagement and sway their decision-making.
  • Current Students: Looking to invite members of the student body to an on-campus event? By sending your invitations through the Marketing Automation platform, you can link to convenient online registration pages – letting you know exactly how many attendees to expect. Plus, automatic reminder emails can be sent to all registrants as an event date approaches.
  • Alumni: If you’re hoping to gather insights or information from alumni, Marketing Automation’s online forms provide respondents with a quick and easy way to share their feedback. You can also use the platform to send e-publications to alumni – allowing you to direct readers to full articles on your website, incorporate calendar invites and more.

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Pricing starts at just $895/month!*

*Twelve-month commitment required. Ask us for direct mail pricing. 


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"From the start of every project to the very end, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the overall experience of working with Your people—from the account executives to the designers and copywriters—are not only extremely talented, helpful and friendly, but they go out of their way to make me feel like I’m the most important customer they have. Having employees like yours says a great deal about your company. Thank you for your commitment to customer satisfaction."

- Brad Windsor - Bartonville, IL