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Do more – while doing less. 

Our innovative platform provides you with your very own marketing machine! Use this tool to gain trackable leads so you can monitor website visits – and then target select leads with automated drip email marketing campaigns that address individuals’ specific needs.

Here’s how it works:example and pricing

  • What We Do: We create direct mail pieces, social media graphics and emails that contain general URLs (GURLs), which lead to online landing pages.
  • What Audiences Do: Audience members click a link in an email or complete a form on your landing page to become trackable leads. Next, targeted drip email campaigns automatically trigger and start to run behind the scenes.
  • What You Do: Watch trackable leads increase over time, and gain campaign insights through our reporting capabilities.

Marketing Automation is great for connecting with: 

  • Prospective Students: Your recruitment efforts can benefit greatly from Marketing Automation – helping you gauge the academic and extracurricular interests of prospective students so you can provide them with relevant information to maintain their engagement and sway their decision-making.
  • Current Students: Looking to invite members of the student body to an on-campus event? By sending your invitations through the Marketing Automation platform, you can link to convenient online registration pages – letting you know exactly how many attendees to expect. Plus, automatic reminder emails can be sent to all registrants as an event date approaches.
  • Alumni: If you’re hoping to gather insights or information from alumni, Marketing Automation’s online forms provide respondents with a quick and easy way to share their feedback. You can also use the platform to send e-publications to alumni – allowing you to direct readers to full articles on your website, incorporate calendar invites and more.

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Pricing starts at just $945/month!*

*Twelve-month commitment required. Ask us for direct mail pricing. 


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