Courtland College Event Postcard

More than a park or a greenspace, The Court is a place to bring Courtland College and the community together. The grand opening celebration required an invite that was as elegant as the event itself. The team created a 3-panel postcard that gracefully showcased the beauty of The Court and invited guests to RSVP to the grand opening event. 

Courtland College Continuing Education Postcard

Courtland College takes pride in its Professional Development Center, which offers lifelong learners opportunities to expand their skillset and stay current in their career field. A clean and straightforward postcard offers a summary of the features and benefits of continuing education at Courtland, complete with a call to action directing readers to browse their course catalog and register for classes.

Blakeley Academy Campus Visit Postcard

To experience what it really means to be a Black Bear, Blakeley Academy wanted to engage prospective students with a piece that would spark their interest and inform them about upcoming campus visit opportunities. We created a 2-panel postcard that not only invited future students to attend campus events, but our bold design elements and no-nonsense copy also gave readers a quick rundown of what Blakeley is all about.