Why Marketing Automation Is Now a Must-Have for College Recruitment

Before COVID-19 burst onto the scene and changed our world in irreparable ways, Marketing Automation may have been viewed more as a nicety than a necessity. But that’s no longer the case. With student fairs and on-campus recruitment events looking very different this year (if they even exist at all), colleges must look to other methods for gaining the attention and engagement of prospective students.

That’s where Marketing Automation comes in. With this powerful platform, recruiters can bypass COVID challenges and greatly improve the efficiency of the admissions funnel – ultimately increasing student interest while decreasing the amount of time and effort put forth by the recruitment team. And, yes, we know this sounds too good to be true. But, remarkably, it’s not. Just see for yourself below…

• Marketing Automation Can More Effectively Hold Students’ Attention
You’ve probably heard it before: Today’s younger generations expect immediate responses. So if a prospective student of yours completes an online form requesting information about, say, your mathematics department, and your recruiter (whose inbox may be overrun with similar requests) takes three days to respond, that student may have already moved on. Don’t let these opportunities slip away! With Marketing Automation, you can create drip email campaigns that will provide students with information tailored to their interests (such as specific departments, programs, etc.) – and the emails can be sent automatically and immediately, before the student loses interest.

• Marketing Automation Can Gauge Interests and Provide Relevant Information
We just touched on this, but Marketing Automation can be used for much more than drip email campaigns based on form submissions. This is because once a prospective student becomes trackable, email campaigns can also be sent automatically based on that individual’s page visits on your site. For example, imagine that a trackable prospect views the online tour of your campus. With Marketing Automation, you can immediately follow up with an email that links to a virtual look book containing additional photos and insider insights. In short, you’ll be providing that student with exactly the information he wants – at exactly the time he wants it.

• Marketing Automation Can Provide an “In” for Building Engagement
It goes without saying that the personal touch is important. But for Generation Z, in particular, this may not be unequivocally true in every single case. In fact, for these digital-savvy students, sharing initial interests and questions via an online form or some other mechanism may actually be preferable to having to converse directly with a recruiter. This is why forms and automated emails can be so important – especially in early stages of the admissions funnel. It can provide students with a comfortable, no-pressure space to identify their interests and solicit the information they want to see. Not to mention, many of the initial questions presented to recruiters are probably centered around similar themes, so it makes sense to build drip campaigns that address these early questions/topics to prevent recruiters from having to spend time answering the same questions again and again. 

• Marketing Automation Can Help Recruiters Save Time and Prioritize
As alluded to above, Marketing Automation is a game changer when it comes to maximizing time and improving productivity – all thanks to the power of automated emails (tailored to recipients’ specific interests) that can replace many of the manual responses previously required by recruiters. Furthermore, these time savings can lead directly to better enrollment outcomes. How so? It’s simple – by automating responses for students just entering the admissions funnel, recruiters have more time to devote to students further along in the process for whom a personal phone call or email may be more welcome and effective. Plus, Marketing Automation makes it easy to identify top prospects thanks to the platform’s reporting capabilities. (And, conversely, recruiters can avoid wasting time making personal calls and writing custom emails to students who are unlikely candidates.)   

All things considered, Marketing Automation is a no-brainer for colleges looking to maximize engagement, minimize manual efforts and streamline the admissions funnel. Another no-brainer? Calling on for help. We offer Marketing Automation along with expert, one-on-one support. There’s never been a more important time to utilize the power of this platform, so email or give us a call at 800.777.1663 to learn more today!


Posted by - September 17, 2020