What’s Exciting and New in 2022?

There’s a lot of excitement about the new year here at The week before Christmas we saw record-high sales, and we’re ready for you with fresh marketing ideas and creative energy! Here’s what’s hot:

  • Digital Marketing
    It’s booming! We brought on 51 new digital marketing clients last year, and we expect that number to double in 2022. Digital is the future of marketing, and our program is affordable and results driven. It includes search engine advertising (pay-per-click ad management), social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram ad management) and retargeting (display your ads while site visitors are on other websites or their own social media). Your target audience is constantly online and scrolling – be sure you’re getting all the social engagement and web traffic leads and conversions you can.
  • Marketing Automation
    There’s been an uptick! This powerful marketing platform does the work for you. Transform current and prospective consumers into trackable leads – see when they visit your website, which pages they’re viewing and for how long. You can use Marketing Automation to target specific individuals with drip email campaigns that trigger automatically based on your leads’ website activity and/or email clicks.
  • Animation
    This is huge! Our team does a fabulous job creating custom web graphics that catch attention and compel a click-in. We can provide standalone graphics or coordinate with campaigns to broaden your reach. All sizes are available for whatever your goal: homepage banners, online statements, social media, email headers and more. Talk to your account representative to bring this moving experience to your marketing plan for the year.
  • Direct Mail
    It’s not dead! We did the most ever in the fourth quarter of last year. The mailbox is still a high-impact way to reach prospects, and there are impressive results from the one-two punch created when direct mail is partnered with digital advertising in a marketing campaign.

And here’s an update on us: is growing! With 38 talented employees on board now, we’re excited to be looking at our best year ever, as more clients than ever before are taking advantage of our prepay discount (hint, hint). We truly enjoy doing business with our clients, creating new projects, accomplishing goals and celebrating extraordinary results. Thank you for partnering with us. Let’s see what we can do for you in 2022!

Posted by Mark Whalen - January 05, 2022