Using Social Media as a School

Social media is a vast landscape of multiple sites and moving parts. You might think a school has little use for social media, but you may find that there are many advantages to a well-managed social media account – using social media on a regular basis can benefit everyone, from faculty to students to even prospective students and families. 

More Updates. Most schools already have email, call and text alerts in place to keep everyone updated in case emergencies or unplanned shutdowns, but posting these updates to social media as well will help ensure all students and faculty receive them quickly – plus, it can help keep parents updated, too. It’s also a great way to share news about non-emergency announcements, such as new construction, so that students and their families always know what’s going on.

More Communication. Beyond just news and closure updates, social media is an easy way to set up a method of communication with students. With it, students and prospective students can quickly receive answers to non-urgent questions, and you can receive feedback in turn. It’s a two-way street! Simply being active and responsive will automatically help improve everyone’s experience with the school.

More Sharing. By sharing students’ experiences, accomplishments, quotes and pictures (with permission) as well as school events and photos, you’ll paint a pretty picture of on-campus life. School websites usually have to follow a more professional formula, but your social media can be more casual and personable. You can show how unique your campus really is – and stay in touch with students, alumni and families alike!

Social media accounts cost nothing and are truly an organic way to connect with students, family and even alumni. Plus, the more you post on social media, connecting it to your school’s website, the better your SEO becomes, too. That means more traffic to your website – and more reach to prospective students! 

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Posted by - July 16, 2020