Message From the President loves marketing! We’ve been at it for 25 years now. You may have noticed the special anniversary logo on our materials last year.

Speaking of updated materials, we just released a new tagline that reflects our role as your marketing partner: Creative. Strategic. Effective. Smart marketing starts here. Clients ask us what to do, and we share with them what works and what doesn’t. We know, with that 25 years’ experience.

Speaking of what works, digital marketing is still hot and has become a huge part of what we do daily. IP targeting is especially strong right now. Our digital offerings include:

  • Search engine advertising – Rise to the top of search results.
  • Social media advertising – Ensure your target audience sees your ads.
  • IP targeting – Send ads to all devices within a home or business.
  • Social posting – Make connections and build community trust.

If you haven't joined the digital space yet, I think you'll be impressed by what can happen when you partner with us. Want to gain valuable insights on your website health, your competitors' current digital effors (ads, keywords, social media) and areas of opportunity for you? It's all possible with our FREE digital assessment at:

With the growth of digital marketing, direct mail remains vital! Recipients appreciate materials they can hold. We can create a variety of unique printed materials that stand out in the mailbox, from accordion inserts to die-cuts, scratch-offs, magnets and more. You won’t see those enhancements online! There’s an extra powerful impact when your promotion uses both print and digital in a multi-channel approach.

If you need help with only a piece of a campaign, we can do that! And let me brag for a moment about our proofreading services. We often hear from clients how relieved they are that we caught something during our proofing process, which we provide FREE on ALL projects.

Internally, we’re seeing a trend toward bigger, more complicated projects. And we’re growing our arsenal of printers. Recently, we partnered with one in Chicago, one of the biggest in the country.

Our team knows how to get work done and how to have fun! Last year, we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, company picnics, happy hours, a wine tasting, the annual Halloween potluck and our holiday gift exchange. There was also a coloring contest and pumpkin painting – so our team could show off their creativity in new ways!

With more than 700 clients and 38 employees – including two new account representatives – is a place where marketing is created by people who enjoy cutting-edge creativity and friendly relationships with clients. If you’re one of them, thank you for joining us! If you’re considering whether to bring us on board, ask for some samples, and we’ll show you what we can do.

Posted by Mark Whalen - January 04, 2024