A Message From the President

New year, new marketing plans – is welcoming 2023 with excitement!

The really big thing right now is digital marketing. Growth there is off the charts! Our team is doing a phenomenal job, and Logical Position is a fantastic partner. In fact, they’re the 2022 winner of the Google™ Premier Partner Award in the Lead Generation category. Our digital offerings include:

  • Search engine advertising – Rise to the top of search results
  • Social media advertising – Ensure your target audience sees your ads
  • IP targeting – Send ads to all devices within a home or business
  • Social posting – Make connections and build community trust

Join the digital space and watch what can happen when you partner with us. For a FREE digital assessment, visit: I think you’ll be impressed.

Our clients have seen the difference firsthand and trust us with their marketing. Going into 2023, there are more prepays than we’ve ever seen before. Clients receive a discount when they prepay for the coming year, and we’re able to help them prepare and strategize timelines and campaigns, creating a solid foundation for a smooth and successful marketing plan that results in significant ROI.

With 37 employees and 783 clients, successfully completes roughly 2,500 projects per year. I’m proud of how we work as a team and help each other out, whether it’s brainstorming campaign ideas, collaborating on creative copy and design, covering for team members who are out or even jumping in to meet a deadline. We’ve added a second copy editor due to the volume of marketing materials we’re creating now, and we continue to provide our clients with complimentary proofreading, free copywriting on most projects and unlimited proofs and design time. 

Our team works hard but likes to have fun too. With an annual Easter egg hunt, company picnic, Halloween potluck and Christmas gift exchange, there are lots of reasons to love, whether you’re a client or an employee. If you know someone who’s interested in joining our team, I invite you to reach out and ask about open positions.

This company has grown into something I never could have imagined, and I’m just so proud of this talented team. When you work with us, you can expect creativity, innovation and an experienced group of people who are patient and frequently exceed expectations. This is fun and fulfilling work for us. Ready to get started on your next marketing project? Connect with an account representative today!

Posted by Mark Whalen - January 04, 2023