Making Your Publication the Latest & Greatest

Putting your school’s publication into the hands of means you’re going to get an outstanding product – one that reflects your brand, tells your story and ultimately boosts relationships with current and prospective students, alumni and donors. From foundation newsletters to look books and more, making sure the right message hits the right people is crucial. But where do you start?

Your team not only makes your publication the latest and greatest, but also the easiest! With some important insights and input from you up front, we can best deliver an end result that is timely, relevant to your target audience and in sync with your goals. Here are some considerations:

Do you have a brand guide?

Please email this to your designer and copywriter so we can make sure every piece stays on target with your school’s signature colors and fonts, photography and wording preferences, etc. The moment your publication lands in the hands of your readers, it will stand apart as unique to your brand and be instantly recognizable.  

Do you have any topic preferences?

Upon starting a publication, communicate to your copywriter the goals of the piece and the topics you’d like covered. We are happy to offer suggestions, conduct interviews for stories and articles and accommodate any custom request. But the more personal and specific your publication is to your school, the better it will speak to your readers. Depending on the type of piece, we will look to you to shed light on what is important to you and your school. 

For example, if you are creating a campus look book, what do you want to highlight most to prospective students? If you’re sending out an alumni newsletter, would you like to create feature articles showcasing alumni accomplishments? Do you want to create a series of brochures for your academic departments, listing majors, minors and courses? The possibilities are endless. Your copywriter is here to help create and organize content as much, or as little, as you’d like. If possible, please also send your designer any related photos (taken at high resolution for quality printing purposes).

Will you provide content, or would you like us to write your articles – or both?

You may have specific articles you wish to provide (for example, a message from the chancellor or a calendar of events), in which case, we will offer our complimentary editing and proofreading expertise to ensure consistency across the publication. Keep in mind that we are able to take either a portion or all of the writing off your plate! We are well versed in how to speak to a variety of audiences, and we will gladly research topics if necessary before we write.

If you want us to write the content, is there messaging or contact information you can share?

We can take the ball and run with it once we know your topics of choice. However, we always welcome any key messages, copy points or other background (press releases, brochures, web links) you can share with us before we write. Feel free to chat informally with your copywriter on the phone or jot down a brain dump via email, whichever is easiest for you. Also, if there is anyone you would like us to interview for a feature, please provide your copywriter with their contact information and consider sending a “warm hand-off” email to alert them that we’ll be in touch.

Do you want to review the content before seeing it in design, or after?

Since even the most well-written copy is further transformed by layout and design, many clients want to wait to see a more complete proof. After all, with the unlimited proofs offered by, you can make as many changes as you’d like! But other clients prefer to see the copy before it goes to layout so they can ensure all the bases are covered and route it through appropriate reviewers to save time on the back end.

Your publication is an interactive process, and your team members - sales representative, copywriter, designer and marketing project coordinator - are here to simplify every piece, edition and issue, every step of the way. Ready to get started on your publication? So are we!


Posted by Audrey Meis - February 20, 2019