The Ins and Outs of IP Targeting

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your marketing efforts, look no further than IP targeting! provides this digital option so you have a more targeted approach to your online ads. It’s also a perfect pairing with any type of campaign, as it can be used to complement direct mail. All around, IP targeting is one of the most cost-effective and popular forms of digital marketing!


What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol address, or IP address, is a string of numbers your internet-connected devices use to stand out when you’re online. It allows your computer to connect to the internet and find other computers. As part of looking for other devices online, your IP address contains location information. Just like you have a home address to receive mail, your online devices have this address to receive the correct information.  


How can it be used?

Since an IP address is linked, in a way, to a physical address, it’s easy to specify a certain location that you want to target. Just like you can with a physical list of mailing addresses, we can gather a list of IP addresses to target. Want to target people in a specific neighborhood? What about people within a certain range of your location? IP targeting makes all these goals possible and can target these households on as many devices as they have connected to the internet.


How can it enhance other marketing efforts?

More touchpoints mean more engagement! When you just send a mailer, you’re only getting your message in front of your audience once. When you pair the mailer with digital marketing, enhanced by IP targeting, your audience is seeing your message repeatedly in a widespread manner.


How have we done it?

We’re not strangers to running IP targeting campaigns. When Carolina Federal Credit Union knew they needed to be strategic about their Spring Fling auto loan promotion, we created a series of IP targeting ads that appeared to consumers looking to “hop” into a new ride or rate. When the promotion concluded, we ran our free matchback analysis to determine the campaign’s success. The results were remarkable! As a direct result of the ads, the credit union generated seven new auto loans, resulting in $212,325.52 in new loan income.


How can you take advantage of it?

If you’re interested in adding IP targeting to your next campaign, ask how we can help you get started. We think you’ll be amazed by this extremely effective form of advertising!

Posted by Austin Spaulding - September 28, 2022