Fostering Employee Engagement

As people return to working in person, it’s important to think about ways to keep employees engaged. Engaged employees are more productive and are more likely to stick around long term. So, what are some ways that you can encourage engagement? It’s a lot easier than you think, and is here to help!

Start an Internal Newsletter
Newsletters are great resources when it comes to updating people about what’s going on. Whether printed or digital, this communication method is a powerful tool for connecting your team and building a strong culture. Newsletters also provide a one-stop shop for all the need-to-know information, and shared information creates an environment where employees feel included. 

Celebrate Team Contributions
Does your team know their time and effort are noticed and valued? Show your appreciation for employees by hosting companywide celebrations. They are a great way to acknowledge employees’ hard work. Annual or semiannual recognition ceremonies have become more popular over the years and are a great way to get everyone under one roof and celebrate achievements and milestones. When you’re planning an event, you can make it special with eye-catching posters to advertise what’s coming, creative banners that welcome guests and quality handouts.

Supply the Right Tools
Providing sufficient support and training is key to employee retention. Ensure employees are well equipped with the right tools to do their job. Professionally designed information folders, brochures and other materials cover valuable information, increase knowledge and lead to increased productivity.

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Posted by Maddie Schneider - June 13, 2022