Employee Spotlight: Christian Memmo

Meet Christian Memmo, one of our Project Managers and our Marketing Automation Lead here at! Originally from Syracuse, NY, Christian found himself in Madison, WI to attend UW-Madison. When Christian is out of the office, he enjoys playing instruments, skiing and writing. 
Describe what you do on a day-to-day basis.
I have multiple roles at, so every day is fluid and unlike the last. Most of my time is spent tending to backend tasks to keep our clients’ projects organized and moving. Whether that’s building automation for an upcoming campaign, structuring our upcoming social media content, coordinating product info with our printers or working with the credit bureaus on one of the many loan generation projects, there is always something new around the corner that keeps me light on my feet.
What do you enjoy most about your job? What’s the most rewarding part?
There’s a lot to enjoy about my job in both personal and professional aspects. For one, the people I work with, both within and in collaboration with our clients, are nothing short of friendly, amazing and communicative. Getting projects to the finish line is a multifaceted team effort. Being able to face an obstacle to this success requires brainstorming, phone calls and strategies that are as rewarding as they can be challenging! In the end, everyone is constantly bringing their all and those accomplishments feel much more communal and earned.
How has influenced you/helped you grow?
I originally came to as an intern in 2020 to assist with Marketing Automation and videography due to my background in Film and Communications. When the pandemic hit, my training became fully remote. I still consider that the catalyst for growing into a more adaptable person. As I picked up roles in Automation, Data Compliance, social media and more, my desire to perform as an integral part of these teams grew exponentially. It’s odd to picture myself poring over cryptic notes in my apartment during the early weeks of COVID and compare that to the intuitive and readied self I bring to work today. By learning remotely and continually varying the work I do, I’ve become more deductive, proactive and determined to resolve any issue.
What is the most “Wisconsin” thing about you?
I’ve started unironically saying “ope” when bumping into someone.
Secret talent or something about you that would surprise people.
I was an avid lacrosse player for a couple of years!
If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?
I’d love to learn a second language. There have been attempts in the past but practicing and retaining it is trickier than I thought!
Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?
I stayed in Rome for a while and it easily tops the list. Between the labyrinthine streets, rich art history, food, nightlife, monuments, memories and friendships I was able to appreciate there, it’s mind-boggling how much a location can impact you. My time there left an imprint on my worldview; for as tiny and fleeting a shot of espresso can be, relishing each sip is so important.
What does leadership mean to you?
For me, leadership is about inclusivity and decisiveness. I’ve never subscribed to the idea that other opinions have less value than my own. By inviting every member of a team to share their thoughts, it either challenges or reinforces my stance. I think effective leadership is determined by their ability to embrace different approaches and use it as a tool to either stay the course or reform their own ideas. This is twofold, because a team feels more collective and unified while a leader shows their ability to absorb and evolve with the nature of any obstacle.
What is your biggest achievements to date – personal or professional?
In my last year of college, my department and faculty gave me reign to build an independent study, which is essentially an individual course that isn’t on any curriculum. Over five months, I was reading thousands of pages of ancient Greek literature, meeting with faculty, sitting in on grad sessions and building a research paper. In the end, I was able to present a 45-page thesis that aimed ancient Greek philosophy and ethics at today’s political landscape. I’ve improved as a writer since then, but as someone who enjoys writing essays, it was the most fun I’ve ever had with an assignment.
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Posted by - August 17, 2022