Earning Your Eight Seconds of Fame

Have you ever stopped to think about what you can accomplish in eight seconds? It might not seem like a lot of time, and it might even seem impossible to get a big task done in that eight seconds. That’s what a lot of marketing teams are finding right now, as that’s all the time they get to grab the attention of the average person in Generation Z. And as the youngest writer at, I’ve got firsthand experience with both creating and receiving marketing meant for Gen Z’ers. So, how can you earn your eight seconds of Gen Z fame?

First, you need to understand the needs for marketing to Gen Z.

Need 1: Short and sweet

Dropping from the 12-second attention span of Millennials, Gen Z’s average attention span of eight seconds is causing marketing professionals to rethink their current strategies. This means marketing targeted towards Gen Z needs to be shorter and more concise than ever before.

Need 2: The right channels

Gen Z is more online than any other generation. And I don’t just mean in terms of average time spent on one digital channel; Gen Z is also taking in more media at the same time than other generations. We’re constantly bombarding ourselves with more stimuli all at once.

Need 3: Authenticity

What Gen Z values more than any other generation is to feel an authentic connection to a brand. We’re more driven by influencers than celebrities, we don’t like feeling talked down to and, most importantly, we prefer brands that align with the same issues that we align with.

These may seem like some massive hurdles to overcome. But you’d be surprised at how easily you can start dipping into this new market with the right steps. And now that you know what your marketing efforts need, you can start putting together your plan to meet those needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got those too.

Step 1: Creativity is key

The need to be creative and instantly eye-catching is more important than ever to engage with this younger market. Gen Z is all about first impressions – you don’t often get the luxury of waiting for them to catch on. By simplifying your copy and finding a new approach to your designs, you can increase the chances of catching the eye of someone like me. Don’t believe me? Our Design Center is a perfect place to start looking at effective Gen Z marketing.

Step 2: Get digital and get social

Just having a website isn’t enough in this digital age. You need to help guide Gen Z to your site, and you can do so by increasing your touchpoints. By taking a multi-channel approach, you’re more likely to be seen more often. This means it’s time to ramp up your digital footprint! Check out our recent blogs on the rise of digital marketing and IP targeting if you’re curious about how you can start getting more eyes from more consumers. On top of that, increasing brand awareness through social media can help you keep your name on people’s minds as they spend their time scrolling.

Step 3: Stand for something

Simply existing and maintaining the status quo isn’t enough to capture the hearts and minds of Gen Z. We’re looking for brands with a clear personality and brands that believe what we believe. But talking the talk isn’t always enough – if you can go above and beyond by proving you believe what you say, you’ll gain a massive head start over your competition. Creating a clear branding guide, deciding what your values are and coming out with a clear direction to take your brand are important steps toward reaching younger audiences.

Sit down and count out eight seconds. It may not seem like a lot, or it may seem like an eternity. Either way, those eight seconds are what you’re competing for with everyone else in your market. Finding the right place to start may seem hard, but you’ve already done it! That’s right – there’s no better place to start than reaching out to Whether you need help with creating a branding guide, getting a fresh perspective on creative or accessing the right digital channels, take advantage of our experience doing this kind of thing successfully for over 600 clients nationwide.

Posted by Austin Spaulding - October 27, 2022