Are You Keeping Your Materials Updated?

Nothing stays the same! I get it. As the communications director at, it’s my goal to keep our copy team in the know about industry changes that affect marketing copy – from minute details like trademarks to big-time transitions, like a merger that results in a new business name.

On top of this, language is continuously evolving, and style guides are regularly updated. For example, words like “e-mail” have become “email,” and “internet” used to be capitalized. It’s essential for marketing materials to reflect the current style and usage.

The avalanche of information is exciting – for me, anyway. Perhaps you see it as daunting or tedious.

Using outdated information or style can give readers the impression that materials are unprofessional or old. So, is your organization watching for industry changes and making updates regularly?

Anytime you reprint a document, for example, it’s an opportunity to review the content for outdated information. The job of updating applies to internal documentation, consumer-facing educational resources and marketing materials. And when you make an update, be sure to adjust the revision date if there is one.

But your mile-long to-do list and pressing deadlines may keep you from digging into minutiae, and double-checking details may not be your strong suit or the best use of your time. Cue!

Since we specialize in marketing for education, our copy team has set up processes to help us stay in the know, including:

- Onboarding of new team members that includes industry education
- Team meetings with discussion of industry changes
- An internal online channel for asking questions and sharing news on the fly
- A proofreading process that ensures "fresh eyes" and avoidance of knowledge silos

We want to make your life easier! If having help from us sounds enticing to you, talk to an account representative today.

Posted by Charity Wanta - May 15, 2024