4 Reasons You Need an Eye-Catching Calendar

Having an impressive, professional-looking academic calendar is a real asset to your educational institution. Here’s why:

  1. Keep students informed. There may be campus move-in dates, due dates for applications, placement testing dates, deadlines for student aid forms and tuition, along with when to apply for graduation. All of these are important to a student’s success and the efficiency of your educational institution.
  2. Engage with your students and their families. Clear communication makes for a better student experience and, as a result, helps retain students, possibly even encouraging them to refer others because of their positive experience. Students and their families can feel like they know their school well and have more loyalty if they’re kept aware of the details of their school’s day-to-day.
  3. Prevent miscommunication. When clear communication is present between administration and students, miscommunication is reduced as well. Make your life easier (and theirs) by keeping your calendar simple to understand and easy to find. School may be hard, but resources like your calendar should be easy!
  4. Impress current and prospective students and their parents. Any institution can create a calendar, but creating an eye-catching one isn’t as simple. At, we create top-notch, attention-grabbing calendars that stand out. A teacher’s assistant can make a calendar, but we can make the calendar that sets your institution apart.

So, what kind of calendar do you need? That depends on whom you’re targeting. Are you in the market for a calendar for the academic year or application process? Are you specifically reaching out to first-year students or graduating students? Knowing your audience helps you engage with them and points you in the right direction when developing your calendar.

At, we know the start of a new school year can be a daunting experience for everyone involved – not just students – but we can help you ease the process in the future with organized and attention-grabbing materials like calendars. Check out our pocket calendar for Blakely Academy to see an example of what we can do for you!

Posted by Allie Habeck - August 04, 2021