3 Ways To Be a Resource for Your Community

For educational institutions, teaching is a passion that is often only channeled towards students. But these days, it is crucial to widen education to include more than just the students. Taking the time to educate families and the community shows your institution is caring and knowledgeable. 

Knowing about current events (e.g. COVID-19) or general information (e.g. how to fill out a FAFSA) can benefit everyone. But, just like anything else in life, it can take up valuable time to think about how you can educate more people. Here are a few ideas to save you some brainstorming time!


By offering a quarterly or bimonthly publication, you can regularly update your audience about recent happenings at your institution, future events and have an area set aside to educate the readers on a topic that matters. 


Providing educational brochures can set your institution apart! Topics such as how to enroll in classes, events happening during the semester, etc., can help your students better navigate college life. Brochures are a great resource to have around campus for not only current students but for prospective students and families to receive during campus tours as well.


Have you ever considered offering information via a GIF? According to statistics, humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than they process words alone! Take advantage of the opportunity to inform your audience with GIFs. Click here for more information about GIFs and how they can benefit your institution.

You have a team here at that can help save you even more time! We can help you come up with article ideas for a publication, a stunning layout for your brochure, an eye-catching animation or whatever else you need. Talk to us today about how we can help. Just call 800.777.1663 or email us at


Posted by Adeline Savignac - October 06, 2021