Commercials aired during the Super Bowl have an air of prestige, using celebrity cameos and lofty budgets to tap into pop culture in a way that not many marketing campaigns can. This raises the question: How can you cash in on pop culture without breaking the bank?
When it comes to social media, “focus” is a word that wears many hats. Here are three key definitions of the word and how they relate to social media.
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POSTED BY Austin Spaulding | February 14, 2024
The Super Bowl was this week! This year’s game marks the most-watched live program ever, sparking numerous conversations – not only about the game, but also about the commercials. Check out what the team had to say about the ads here. Commercials aired during the Super Bowl have an air of prestige, using celebrity cameos and lofty... Continue reading
POSTED BY Austin Spaulding | February 07, 2024
When someone talks about the role of “focus” in social media, there are a number of meanings that might come to mind. Are they talking about the effect social media has on attention spans? Is it a reference to how disjointed social media accounts can seem? Could they be referring to how much attention social media gets in our current world? It... Continue reading